19. August 2014

Tracking Power Outage

It’s Tuesday Aug. 19th, electricity deficit reached approximately 6,200MW for the first time ever, and unfortunately there’s no enough data to expect when exactly the power goes off or comes back.

I’ve been trying to extract all possible data to get notifications on power status in my area, and could get about 90% accuracy by tracking these info over the last few months:

  • Expected peak load (MW)
  • Expected Min. load (MW)
  • Temperature (C)
  • Outage in surrounding areas [by detecting Wi-Fi networks availability]
  • Load status.

It has been alot of fun using my arduino to monitor power status in my home and surronding areas, also tracking overall load status/temprature in Egypt.


01. October 2013

Hello world!!

class Animal
  ### Intellegent design ###
  getDNA: ->
    print 'sequencing...'
    while true
      sleep 1

class Monkey extends Animal
  speak: ->
    print 'ah ah ah'

class Human extends Monkey
  speak: ->
    print ['yolo' unless i % 3] + ['swag' unless i % 5] or i for i in [1..100]