How to install Graphite on OS X Yosemite

Written by Abdullah Diaa

I’ve been playing around with Etsy/statsD recently trying to use to debug Node.js apps.

Here’s a detailed instructions how to install it on OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 :


  • Python 2.6 or greater.
  • py2cairo.
  • Django 1.4 or greater.
  • django-tagging 0.3.1 or greater.
  • Twisted 8.0 or greater (10.0+ recommended).


  1. Let’s start by installing py2cairo/glib:

    brew install cairo
    brew install py2cairo
  2. Install django and django-tagging:

    sudo pip install Django==1.8.3
    sudo pip install django-tagging==0.4
  3. Install Carbon, Whisper and Ceres Graphite components: Carbon is one of the components of Graphite, and is responsible for receiving metrics over the network and writing them down to disk using a storage backend. Whisper is a file-based time-series database format for Graphite. Ceres provides a file format for incoming metrics to be persisted when received from the network.

    sudo pip install carbon
    sudo pip install whisper
    sudo pip install
  4. Install Twisted: Twisted is an event-driven networking engine

    sudo pip install Twisted==15.2.1
  5. Finally install Graphite, Graphite defaults to an installation layout that puts the entire install in its own directory: /opt/graphite:

    sudo pip install graphite-web
    sudo chown -R $(whoami):staff /opt/graphite

#Configuration Graphite default configuration layout is /opt/graphite/webapp/graphite/

cd /opt/graphite/webapp/graphite
cp local_settings.example local_settings

The database configuration is specified by the DATABASES dictionary in file, be default sqlite is used, let’s initialize the database:

cd /opt/graphite/webapp/graphite
PYTHONPATH=/opt/graphite/webapp syncdb --settings=graphite.settings syncdb --settings=graphite.settings 

Finally let’s configure carbon and initialize it:

pushd /opt/graphite/conf
cp carbon.conf.example carbon.conf
cp storage-schemas.conf.example storage-schemas.conf
python /opt/graphite/bin/ start
python /opt/graphite/bin/ /opt/graphite

Et voilà, Graphite is ready: Graphite UI