Abdullah Diaa
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10 Vim Tricks Every Programmer Should Know


Are you a programmer looking to improve your productivity with Vim? Look no further! In this post, we'll explore 10 Vim tricks that every programmer should know.

  1. Quickly switch between multiple files with :bn and :bp.
  2. Use :set nu to display line numbers in your file.
  3. Indent a block of code with >> and unindent with <<.
  4. Search for a word in your file with /word, and use n and N to navigate to the next and previous occurrence of the word.
  5. Replace a word in your file with :%s/old_word/new_word/g.
  6. Use CTRL-A and CTRL-X to increment and decrement numbers in your file.
  7. Save and quit Vim with :wq.
  8. Quickly undo and redo changes with u and CTRL-R.
  9. Use :!command to execute shell commands from within Vim.
  10. Customize Vim to your liking with the .vimrc file.

Try out these Vim tricks and see how they can improve your coding experience. Happy hacking!